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Welcome to the "Out of the Past" web site. (Index at bottom of this page)

This web page is being created to carry Miller County history, stories, comments by Peggy Smith Hake. Peggy has spent 25 years researching her own family and others. She has published books and has written articles for two Miller County Newspapers for several years. She has agreed to share some of her hard work with fellow Miller County families and their descendents.
The stories and items that will appear here can be copied for personal use, but not for commercial use. When using this information, give Peggy the well deserved credit. I am computer illiterate and have no idea what I am doing. I am going to enter several family histories or stories on the pages called "OTHER" at the top of this page. There will be multible items on each page. You will just have to click on the "Other" pages to find out what is there. There is other information under "My Content" / "Other" / "Favorite Links"/ Contact Us/ etc.
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DeVere Whitaker

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Thomas Walker Mace was born Dec. 10, 1842 in Saline Co., Illiniois. On Nov.
1, 1860, he married J. Ann Tate and they became parents of 11 children.
Three children preceded him in death. The surviving children were : George
A. Mace, Wm.T. Mace, Louisa (Groff), Mary (Arnold), Josie (Heltzell),
Lillian Farnham), Cora (Benage), and Ollie (Musick). Thomas came to Missouri in 1881 and the same year he bought and moved to the farm where he lived the
rest of his life. He died in Iberia on October 29, 1923 at the age of 80 years. he was also survived by a brother, Dr. George R. Mace.


Bird Taylor Watkins was born on the old Watkins farm at Watkins, (Post
Office), MO on May 7, 1858 and died at his home in Ulman on Aug. 3, 1934.
He was 76 years old. Bird was a son of William Shelton Watkins and his wife,
Mary Jane who came from Kentucky and settled on the old Watkins farm
northwest of Iberia. On Dec. 14, 1879, he married Mary A. Hughes and they
had 5 children, three who died in infancy. His surviving children were :
Mrs. L.P. Pemberton, Mrs. A.B. Clark. His surviving grandchildren named
were Phyllis Pemberton, Hilary Pemberton, Glennis Pemberton, and Rosemary Clark. He was also survived by a brother , P.M. Watkins and a sister, Mrs. Will
Irwin. Two brothers, Bowline and Emmet, preceded him in death. His
services were held at the Baptist church in Ulman and his burial was at Hickory Point cemetery.


Absolom Bear was born April 1, 1842 in Hocken Co., Ohio and died August 27,
1932 at the age of 90 years. He came with his parents to Miller Co. in 1857
where they first located near Tuscumbia. He was a son of George and
Elizabeth Bear, the 6th in a family of 9 brothers and 2 sisters. They all
preceded him in death with the exception of his youngest brother, David Bear
of Tuscumbia. When the Civil War was declared, he enlisted in the Missouri
State Militia Volunteers and served 3 1/2 years in the Union Army. At the
close of the war, he returned to Miller Co. He married Mary Catherine
Spearman on Dec. 5, 1872, and they settled near Hickory Point where he
resided until his death. They were parents of 10 children, 2 who died as
children. His wife, Mary Catherine, preceded him in death on April 1, 1905.
Their chidren surviving were : Nancy, Edna, George, Martha (Atteberry),
Zebedee, Zella (Livingston), John K., and Frank. Absolom helped to organize
the Hickory Point Christian Church in 1878 and was Elder at the time of his
death. He was also active in politics serving 2 terms as Judge of the
County Courty, 2nd District; 1 term as Presiding Judge; and 1 term as a
Representative in the state legislature. He was buried at Hickory Point

Isabelle Tennant, was born in Parkhead, Glasgow, Scotland on August 24,
1841. She married William C. Findlay in Glasgow, Scotland on May 15, 1866.
Approx. in the year 1867, she and her husband came to America and eventually
settled on Saline Creek in Miller County. They united with the Old Salem
Church of Christ where the town of Eldon now stands in 1869. The Findlays
had been Presbyterians when they resided in Scotland. William became a
minister of the gospel and preached in central Missouri until his death oh
January 8, 1910. Isabelle and William had 7 children....Mrs. W.F. Birdsong,
Wm. Findlay, Mrs.W.L. Sullens, Mrs.William Taylor, Mrs. John James, and
James G. Findlay. She died at the age of 81 years on Jan. 16, 1923. Her services were conducted at Etterville Church and both she and her husband, William, are buried in the Spring Garden Cemetery.
NOTE: Isabelle and William Findlay were the parents of James G. Findlay, a
graduate of Iberia Academy who went on into the world and became very
successful. This marvelous man became an attorney in 1909 in the District
of Columbia; moved on to the Supreme Court in 1912. In 1910, James was made a Special Agent of the Department of Justice and continued with this
government agency for many years. He was assigned to the Los Angeles and San Francisco area with the Bureau of Investigation and was specially designated by President Hervert Hoover to conduct investigations during his term as resident. Later he was cited by F.B.I. Director, J.Edgar Hoover for
outstanding contributions to that government agency.
The New Iberian, Iberia MO
dated: May 19, 1983
by Peggy Smith Hake

Absolom McComb died 30 December 1940 at the age of 80 years (born 1850). He had been a minister since 1876 and was one of the oldest ministers to have served the county. He established six churches during his ministry.
He was also a teacher for 31 years and served the county as a school
commissioner. He married Miss Nannie Kelsey of Miller County who suriver
him. Also surviving him were five children: Anna (Johnson), Mary Ann, J.J.,
John, and Perry. He was living in the old Watkins community at death. His
services were held at the Hickory Point Baptist Church on Jan. 1, 1941 by
Rev. William Williams, pastor of the Brumley Baptist Church, with burial at
the Hickory Point Cemetery.

Cisly Ann Martin died at the home of her son, George W. Martin at
Ulmon's Ridge on 31 December 1890. Cisly Ann was born in Pulaski County,
Tenn. on 27 August 1819 and moved to Missouri in 1857 with her husband, John
Martin. (I'm sorry, but that is all the information I have on hand about
Cisly Ann and her husband, John Martin. Perhaps there are descendants today
who may have more detailed information.)

John G. Brown, a Civil War veteran, was born in Tennessee on 21 July
1845 and came to Missouri in 1860. He grew up on a farm near Bagnell and
joined the Baptist Church at Old Gilgal across the Litle Gravois Creek from
the present site of Bagnell in the year 1860. On 25 Feb. 1864, he married
Miss Sarah E. McComb. Sarah died in September of 1910. They were parents
of eleven children including J. W.Brown, Sarah Jane(Robinson), Eliza (Hickman), Mary B. (Parks), George W. Brown, Mrs. J. A. Graham, Mrs. H.B. Graham, Nancy E. Miller, H.T. Brown, and David E. Brown. His second wife was Mrs. Josie Scott whom he married on 27 November 1924. He taught schools in Miller and Camden counties for many years. In the summer of 1864, he enlisted in the Civil War and served for the duration of that war. He was a member of the
Grand Army of the Republic Post in Brumley. His funeral services were held
at the Eldon Baptist Church (he had joined the Aurora Springs Baptist Church
after the close of the Old Gilgal Church in 1863). His burial was in the
Hawkins cemetery near Brumley.

Peggy Thompson Learner, 6530 Autumn Wodds Trail, Dallas,Texas 75232 is
the granddaughter of Nathaniel Grant Thompson, born in Bowling Green, KY
Oct. 16, 1864 and her great grandfather was William Thompson, born in 1806-1807 in KY. His wife was Malinda or Mary Williams, born in 1804 in KY. She is
interested in filling in the blanks in her family line and would appreciate
hearing from anyone who may be of assistance in her research of the THOMPSON family who later came to Miller County,Mo. after 1864 from KY. I might note here that her great grandfather, William Thompson was an Associate Judge from the District 2 in Miller County from 1893-1897.

Thank you one and all who have contacted me since I wrote the story about
Joseph Jacob's homestead in Iberia and especially Wayne and Lennie Thompson. They are the new owners of the acre lot which adjoins their property where the Jacob's house once stood. I am so happy to learn that the Thompsons
have purchased this parcel of land and to learn also of their plans for the
property. In the future the charred debris and stone foundation will be
removed ; the ground tilled, seeded, and perhaps by summer, it will be a
beautiful acre of bluegrass. The memories of that majestic home,which once
stood on the knoll of a hilltop, will linger on in our minds when occasionally, in a fleeting moment, we remember the beauty of an early winter's morning and across the horizon, smoke from the old chimney could be seen drifting is fitting that those memories should be buried under the rich earth and spring forward again throught the roots of new-born grass.


Laura Irwin was born in Miffingburg, Pennsylvania on April 8, 1854 and came
to Missouri with her parents when she was 6 years old in 1860. In 1869, at
the age of 15, she married George W. Johnston of Miller County. Laura and
George were parents of several children. Those surviving her included
David, W.I., Sallie (Stuntz), Mrs. William von Gremp, and Victor. A daughter,
Mrs.Everet Allen, preceded her in death. Also surviving Laura were 4
brothers, Charles T. Irwin, William Irwin, John L. Irwin, and Holmes Irwin
and a sister , Mrs. C.W. Farnham, all of Iberia. Dr. Byron Smith conducted
her funeral services at the Iberia Methodist church. She was buried at the
Iberia cemetery.


Joseph Thompson Wright was born in Cole Co., MO on 9 Feb 1849 and moved with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Wright, to Miller Co. where they bought
on the Little Saline creek. His father built an old carding machine on this farm. On April 5, 1874, he married Mary Newell and they resided on the Newell farm one mile below Tuscumbia where he died. He and Mary had 5 children: Mrs. Louis Sears, C.E. Wright, Frank Wright, John Wright, and Samuel Wright. he was survived by 23 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren and 3 brothers : J.P. Wright, G.L. Wright, and John Wright. Another brother, H.A. Wright, died a few years earlier.


John N. Birdsong was born in Grainger Co., Tennessee on Sept. 13, 1839 and
died in MillerCo. on March 23, 1928, being 88 years old. He came to Miller
Co. in 1846 and resided her for the rest of his life. In 1864, he enlisted
in the Missouri Militia and served under Capt. Sayles Brown's Company C.
Later he enrolled in Capt. John B. Salesman's Co. of Volunteers. He served
approximately 1 year of service. Any of his desceendants may obtain his
Civil War records by submitting this information to the National Archives in
Washington, D.C. He was a member of the Modern Woodmen of America. After
reading his obituary, he apparently never married and left no children as
heirs. His nieces and nephews were named as his heirs. He was from an old
pioneer Miller County family and was the last of him family to survive. He
was buried at Gott cemetery which lies on Highway C midway between Ulman and Brumley.


Sarah Elizabeth Heltzell, daughter of George and Priscilla Heltzell, was
born August 25, 1862 in Bedford, Pennsylvania. She moved from Bedford with her parents to Glencoe, MO at an early age and there she attended school
completing her education in the St. Louis and Kirkwood schools. On Jan. 22,
1886 she married William L. Farnham of Iberia and they moved to the family
farm near Iberia. Later in life, the Farnhams moved into Iberia and
remained for the rest of their lives. She and William were parents fo two children: William, Jr. and Grace (Clark). She was survived by her husband, 2
children, 3 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren. her brother, Selby J. Heltzell and a sister , Annie (Farnham) also survived her. A brother, Samuel
Heltzell, and a sister, Blanch Heltzell, preceded her in death. Sarah and
William are both buried at the Iberia cemetery.


John E. Dickerson was born in Tennessee on April 16, 1845 and died in Miller
County on April 15, 1935, age 90 years. When he was about 3 years old, he
came with his parents to Miller Co. and they located on a farm situated east
of Iberia which was know n for years at the ' old Dickerson place'. John
married Rebecca Jane Phillips of Miller Co. and they were parents of 7
children including: Luther, Wesley, Harris, Maggie, Mrs. Henry Newton, and
Walter. One son died in infancy. During the Civil War he served with the
Union army in Company E, 48th Missouri Calvary. He was a member of the old
Grand Army of the Republic Post in Iberia until his death. Both John and
his wife, Rebecca, are buried at Billingsley cemetery, east of Iberia. (John :
1845-1935........Rebecca : 1849-1904)


James H. Shackleford was born in Miller County on November 19, 1869 and died at his farm home a few miles north of Iberia, on Febraury 29, 1932 at the
age of 63 years. In 1893, he married Florence Ponder and they became parents of 8 children: 5 girls and 3 boys. Three of the boys died in childhood. His
wife Florence, died August 1, 1916. He was survived by Marcia (Lilly), Laura
(Shockley), Fannie (Perkins), Annie (Blankenship), Nora (Kinealy) and Henry
Shackleford. He was also survived by his aged mother, 5 brothers, and 4
sisters, all of Iberia. Funeral services were at held at Fairview church,
conducted by Rev. Charles W. Sooter. Burial was in Livingston cemetery.


Mrs. Thomas J. Marchant (known as Grandma Marchant) was born in Typton Co., Tennesse near Trenton on Nov. 27, 1834 and died in Iberia on July 23, 1923, reaching the advanced age of 88 years. She went to Arkansas from Tenn. in 1854 and was married to Thomas J. Marchant there in 1856. They lived in
Arkansas until 1862 and then moved to Missouri location at Iberia. Thomas
died in 1918. She was survived by 4 children: Mrs. C.K. Clark, Miss Anna
Marchant, Sherman Marchant, and W.W. Marchant. She was also survived by a
niece, Bertha Fancher, who was a member of the Marchant family since
childhood. Grandma Marchant's funeral was held at the Iberia Baptist church
and conducted by Rev. R.B. Cornett of Lebanon. She was buried at Iberia
cemetery. (Her obit. did not mention her first name)

Obituary of JULIUS C. STONE

Julius C. Stone was born in Barren Co., Kentucky on Oct. 25, 1834 and died
near Iberia on May 12, 1920 having reached the age of 86 years. With his
parents, John & Samantha Stone, he came to Missouri when quite young and
first settled in Boone Co., MO. In 1848, they moved south into Miller
County. About 1860, he married Elizabeth Anderson and they became parents
of 3 boys and 3 girls. His wife and 5 children preceded him in death. His
only surviving child was Mrs. Jonathan Keeth. Other survivors included a
brother, 9 grandchildren, and 26 great grandchildren. Funeral services were held at Pleasant Hill church in southwest Miller Co. with burial in the churchyard


Isaac Alexander Sloan, son of Thomas S. and Margaret C. Sloan, was born in
Butler Co., Kentucky on April 25, 1840. He came to Missouri as a young boy
and on July 9, 1934, he died at the age of 94 years. He married Sarah J.
Jones 4 Nov 1860. Sarah was a daughter of Henry and Nancy (Davis) Jones of
the Alder Springs are. Isaac and Sarah were parents of 10 children
including: Nancy (Tyler), Rosa (Thompson), and sons: W.T., J. M., R. M.,
C. M., J. F., H. B., and O. E. (unfortunately only the sons initials were given
in the obit.) He was always known as 'Uncle Isaac' to everyone who knew
him. When he died, he left a large number of descendants including 9 children,
35 grandchildren, 108 great grandchildren and 12 great, great grandchildren.
He also served in the Civil War in the Missouri State Militia. Both Isaac and
Sarah are buried at Brays Union cemetery.


Zebedee Spearman was born in Tennessee on May 2, 1831 and at the age of 20 years came to Miller County circa 1851. On Sept. 11, 1859, Zebedee married Mary E. Gardner, a native of Barren County, Kentucky. He and Mary had
several children, but the exact number is not known. Zebedee enlisted in
the Missouri Home Guards, Co. E, Osage Regiment in June 1861. He was elected a Lt. in this Regiment and he later served as a Lt. in the State Militia.
Mary Gardner died in April, 1871 after a lingering illness and Zebedee was left
to rear several young children alone. H remained a widower for 15 years, and
then married Cynthia F. Hawkins of Brumley in February, 1885. Cynthia was
an amazing little lady...she had been handicapped since childhood , losing both
her hands after they were crushed in an old cane mill. At age 35, Cynthia
was probably classified as a spinister schoolteacher when she married
Zebedee. Some of her students told of the 'lickin' she could give with a
hickory switch!
Zebedee died at the age of 65 years in February 1897. He was buried beside
his first wife, Mary E. gardner, in the old Spearman cemetery (many
old-timers called it the Rankin Wright cemetery). Zebedee was survived by
his widow, Cynthia, and several children; a brother : W.K.Spearman and a
sister: Cornelia B. Spearman. He had been a charter member of the Brumley
G.A.R. Post #425 since its organization in 1887 and was honored by his many
Civil War comrades at his death. Zebedee also served in the political field
holding the office of County Assessor for three terms.


Sarah A. Shackleford was born in Louisville, Kentucky on July 7, 1835 and
died in Miller County on August 10, 1928 at the age of 93 years. In 1856,
she and her 4 brothers and 2 sisters came to Missouri. These included:
Murrell Shackleford, James Shackleford, Allen Shackleford, William
Shackleford, Jane Shackelford, and Elizabeth Shackleford.
In 1859, Sarah married John H. Aust, a native of North Carolina, and they
became parents of 5 children (4 girls, 1 boy). One girl died in infancy,
but the remaining children were: Charles Aust, Mrs. James Pilkington (Mary
Jane); Mrs. Sarah Ann Jones: and Mrs. Mack Jones (Belle). Rev. John Aust, her
husband, died in March 1912. Funeral services were held for Sarah
Shackleford Aust by the Rev. J.A. McNatt at the Livingston cemetery where a
host of friends had gathered to pay their last respects of Grandma Aust, as
she was so lovingly known.


Nettie Madden was a daughter of Thomas and Alice (Pickering) Madden. She
was born in Miller County, Mo. on July 5, 1887 and died June 1, 1974. In
November , 1906, she married George O. Teaverbaugh in Miller Co. Her
husband preceded her in death in 1951. Nettie Madden Teaverbaugh spent her entire life in Miller Co. She was a member of the Madden church, located in
southern Richwoods township and later transferred her membership to the
Iberia Methodist Church. She was preceded in death by 2 infant sons, Dorsey
and Clarence Teaverbaugh. She was survived by a daughter, Helen Teaverbaugh Reitz of Pasadena, Calif. ; 3 sons: Spurgeon, Wayne, and Jean Teaverbaugh; 1 sister : Sarah Teaverbaugh Groves of Iberia; 1 grandson: Robert Reed; 1 granddaughter : Donna Walker; 2 half-brothers: John and Elda Woolery and 1 half sister: Clara Large. Nettie Madden Teaverbaugh was laid to rest in the Madden cemetery situated on a hill overlooking the Big Tavern creek near the site when the Madden church once stood.

NOTE: Nettie Madden Teaverbaugh was the grandmother of Robert Reed, the
television and movie star. He played the father of THE BRADY BUNCH on
television for several seasons.


Mathias Meredith, son of Daniel Monroe and Mary J. (Pemberton) Meredith, was born in Miller Co. on Oct. 29, 1866. His parents, Daniel (1844*1907) and
Mary J. (1843-1908) produced 7 children including: James Albert, Mathias,
Jr., Nancy A., Mary C., Sarah M., Miranda R., and Parthenia L. Mathias'
father , Daniel, was a soldier in the Civil War serving in Company H-9th
Pro.-Enrolled Missouri Militia. Both Daniel and Mary are buried at Hickory
Point cemetery. On October 17, 1884, Matthias married Margaret
(Maggie)Stone and they had 3 children: James, Stella (Reich), and an infant who died very young. After Maggie's death, he married Martha P. Durham on Nov 24, 1896 and he fathered 3 more children: Ray, Fern (Douphin), and the 3rd child died in infancy. Martha died in 1925. During his lifetime, Mathias was a carpenter and a painter in his home area. He lived to the age of 68 years and died on July 1, 1935. His service were held at the Iberia Baptist church with
burial in the Iberia cemetery. He was also survived by a brother, Albert Meredith
and 3 sisters: James Carleton (Miranda Frances).


William R. Short was born on Feb. 8, 1844 in Miller County. On January 16,
1870 he married Martha J. Shelton, also of Miller County and they became
parents of 8 children. Those named at his death were: Mrs. J.L.Prock,
Charley Short, Fred Short, Elmer Short, and Walter Short. Three children had
died as youngsters. William Short was a veteran of the Civil War having
enlisted in June of 1864 in Company E-48th Missouri Infantry Volunteers. He
recieved his discharge in June, 1865. He studied law and was admitted to the
bar while Judge George Miller was on the bench. He died March 15, 1919 at
the age of 75 years and his services were held on a Sunday afternoon at the
town cemetery. Squire John Ferguson, Commander of the Iberia G.A.R. Post,
conducted this service at the graveside. William R. Short was a native
Miller Countian who had been a successful farmer, schoolteacher, and attorney.


Joseph M. Wickham was born in Pennsylvania on Nov. 9, 1856, the son of Halsy
and Nancy J. Wickham, natives of New Jersey and New York, respectively.
Joseph's parents moved to Miller Co. circa 1857 when Joseph was a young boy
and settled in Glaize township. Some of their neighbors in the early 1860's
included Moses T. Martin, Phillip robinson, Josiah K. Howell, and David Reed.
The brothers and sisters of Joseph, all born in Pennsylvania, were Mary
Wickham, Morgan Wickham, Nelson Wickham, Ann Wickham, Halsey Wickham, and John Wickham. On Sept. 1, 1885, he married Mary P. Hix, daughter of John H. and Hettie Frances Hix of Glaize township, who were natives of Missouri and Tennessee. The marriage was performed Manessah Catron, a minister who was a neighbor to the Wickham and Hix families. Joseph died at the age of 78 years in 1935 and was a well-known citizen in the Ulman community. He was survived by his wife, Mary, and 2 sons: Osacar and Ross Wickham. He was also survived by 2 brothers : Nelson and Jobe Wickham and a sister: Mary (Mrs. Tolbert Wyrick) of near Ulman. His funeral services were held at the home of his son, Oscar, near Ulman by Rev. Virgil Smith, with burial in the Gott cemetery.

THE MILLER COUNTY VIDETTE, Tuscumbia, MO, Thursday October 14, 1875

"Last week we noticed the death of one of our most respected citizens, Owen
Riggs. We will now attempt a review of his life. He was born in Tyler Co.,
West Virginia. Was usually called the 'long reach' on the Ohio River. At
his death he was 59 years old. From boyhood, he was raised on a farm on
which he was born, and was an industrious and faithful boy, he thus worked
until manhood. At this time he done some boating on the ohio and Missipp
(sic) at odd spels when not busy on the farm. In the year 1838, he came to
Miller County and purchased some real estate with a view of someday locating
here, but remained on the Virginia farm and continued boating here, but
remained on the Virginia farm and continued boating on the Ohio and Missippi
until 1844 when he came to Miller Co. to live. One of his first deeds and
boldest ventures of his eventful life, was the building of a flat boat on the
Travern (Tavern) creek in this county, load it with pork, taking it down the
Osage, Missouri and Missippi rivers into the Yazoo Pass, trading. Finally
went down the Missippi and clsoed out his load of pork at Vicksburg, he then
came back to Miller Co., where he engaged in farming, raising stock, buying
and shipping to a very great extend. In 1847, he married the daughter of
Henry C. Lurton, by whom he had 2 daughters, who are both living and married.
His first wife died in 1858. In 1863 he married Madada (Malinda) Birdsong,
by whom he had 2 children who are now living to mourn his loss. In 1857, he
went into partnership with D. Cunningham (Daniel Cummings) in which venture
he lost heavily. During these many years he bought wheat, corn, adn tobacco
and shipped it.
Cororants (cronies) took advantage of his kindness and nichered from him. He
died comparitive poor. His father is still living on the old farm where Owen
started in life and is now over 100 years old (born circa 1775). We believe
he has but one brother living, Edmond riggs, who is a resident of this
county. During the war the Bushwhackers, supposing him to have a large
amount of money and in attempting to force him to idsgorge, they built a fire
in the woods and burned his legs into a crisp, from which he suffered for
many years. In fact, it shattered his constitution so that he never
recovered his former self. This was one of the most self (sic) acts that was
perpetrated during the War in this part of Missouri. This imperfect and
brief sketch is all we can give as it is next to impossible to get the
correct data. We have lost one of our worthiest citizens. May his departed
spirit rest in peace....."
NOTE: Owen Riggs established the original town of Old St.Elizabeth on the
Osage River in 1869, located on the east bank. He helped to establish the
first Catholic church in Miller Co. when it was built at Old St. Elizabeth
about 1870. Owen Riggs once owned 6000 acres in Miller County in its early
days! It took 9 years to settle his estate after his death. With his death
came the slow demise of Old St.Elizabeth on the Osage.


Eleven/Lev Thompson was one of Brumley's most well-known citizens when he
died in April 1941 at the age of 83 years. He was born in Arkansas on Nov.
10, 1857, a son of John C. and Sarah Thompson. They came to the Iberia area
at the close of the Civil War. He lived in Iberia until he reached his early
20s. In 1884, he married Alice M. Groff of Iberia. They were the parents of
4 childrn: Dr. Preston Thompson, Elmer Thompson, Homer Thompson and Anna
Thompson Moulder. He was also survived by a sister, Mrs. James (Della) Adams of Iberia. He had been a member of the Baptist church for 45 years at his death. In 1890, the Thompsons moved to Brumley and opened a mercantile
business and continued until 1933.. He also helped to organize the Bank of
Brumley and was its President for many years. he and Judge James M. Hawkins organized the Brumley Milling Co. He also engaged in farming, owning several farms in Glaize township. His services were held at the Brumley Baptist
church on April 22, 1941 with Rev. Jesse Brown of Richland and Rev. Bill
Williams of Brumley officiating. He was buried at Hawkins cemetery.


Elder J.D. Thompson, called 'Uncle Jack', a veteran of the Civil Warand one
of the most widely known pioneer preachers of central Missouri, died on
August 8, 1930. He was born in Edison County, Kentucky on March 30, 1843.
About 1844, at the age of one year, he came to Miller Co. with his father,
Buck Thompson. He grew to manhood on a farm where the Iberia Academy now
stands. At the early age of 16 years, he married Emily Bowen and they became
parents of 17 children...Nine of the 17 children survived their father
including: James, Riley, Charley, Andrew, Gilliam, Wesley, Newton, Mrs.
Edward Allen, and Mrs. Edward Shelton. After the death of his first wife, he
married Mrs. Mary Jane (Shelton) Duncan. She and one child of their
marriage, Mrs. Lonnie Wall, also survived. Elder thompson was ordained to
the ministry in 1868 and for many yearss was a prominent pioneer preacher of
the Church of Christ. He helped to organize many of Miller County's early
churches. He is buried at Pleasant Hill cemetery in south-western Richwoods
township. His 2nd wife, Mary Jane, is buried beside him. The information on
the large tombstone, located just inside the church gate is:

Elder J. D. Thompson 30 Mar 1843- 8 Aug 1930
Mary J. Thompson 5 Nov 1854- 8 Apr 1929

Bits & Pieces from the Vindicator:
by Peggy Smith Hake
I have had the opportunity to read some old newspapers printed in Miller County dating from May 1881 through December 1882. The name of the newspaper was THE MILLER COUNTY VINDICATOR.......From time to time, I thought I would print some data that made news in the county in 1881 and 1882 and try to give names of people living here during those years. Perhaps someone will see a name that may have been part of their ancestry. I will print these items as I find time to research the names and print them in “Window to the Past”.
THE MILLER COUNTY VINDICATOR.....May 13, 1881....Volume 3 No. 14
J. M. Henderson, of Jim Henry township, gave us a brief call on Tuesday.
Note: The visit was made on May 10, 1881 to the newspaper office, which was located
at Tuscumbia. J. M. (John) Henderson and his wife, Annie, lived in Jim Henry
township. They were both born c/1848 (he was born in Missouri and Annie in
William P. Freeman returned from Springfield last week.
Note: Wm. P. Freeman was born c/1852 and was a son of Andrew J. and Edith
(Tinsley) Freeman of Glaize township. In 1880, William was living with his
widowed mother and 3 sisters in the Ulman area.
Judge Todd held Probate Court this week.
Note: Judge James H. Todd and his wife, Mary J., were living in Tuscumbia in
1880. He was born c/1816 in Indiana and his wife was a native of Tennessee.
Herman Neff, our tinner, called to see us on Wednesday.
Note: Herman Neff was not in the 1880 Miller Co. census, so I do not know who he
was. A ‘tinner’ was someone who made tin plate, which was a metallic chemical
element used to cover utensils, boxes, etc.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Thompson of Brumley are visiting Samuel Hawken and wife.
Note: Thomas Thompson was born c/1830 in Scotland and his wife, Lenora (Johnson),
was born c/1840 in Pennsylvania. They were living in the little town of Brumley
in Glaize township. Samuel Hawken, a native of Pennsylvania, and his wife,
Eveline (Sone) were residing in Tuscumbia with their 3 children in 1880.
Wool carding has already commenced at Wright’s Carding Mill on the Little Saline.
Note: This old mill was located northeast of present-day Tuscumbia on the Saline
Wanted: 20 good tie makers. Cash paid once every month. Apply to Wm. S. Brockman at Brockman’s Ford.....
Note: William S. Brockman and his wife, Susan (Reed), with their 4 children, were
living upriver from Tuscumbia at Brockman’s Ford (a location on the Osage
River). A tie maker was someone who was skilled at cutting and shaping railroad
ties from felled trees. The railroad was being built in Miller County at this time
and tie makers were in demand to supply the ties for the new railroad tracks that
were being constructed in the county.
Miss Nellie Moore opened a select school at Iberia.
Note: Eleanor/Nellie Moore was an early day schoolteacher in Richwoods township.
She was a daughter of Edward W. Moore and Sarah B. Brown, of Pennsylvania.
Her parents came to Miller County with other Pennsylvania families before the
Civil War and located in the Iberia area. Eleanor/Nellie was born in MO c/1859.
Mrs. Dr. Wade has returned from Illinois.
Note: Her husband was Dr. J. W. Wade who was practicing his medical profession in
Iberia in 1881.
Uncle Dan Cummings, Philip Hauenstein, James N. Scott, Samuel Lawson, Andrew Williams, Daniel Scott, Willie Burris and Wesley Dobson have all called on us this week.
Note: All the men mentioned in this news item had called at the newspaper office
during the week of May 13, 1881. All lived in the Tuscumbia area.
Some advertisements appeared in the old newspaper including:
1. “John Kallenbach, blacksmith and wagon maker”........he had a blacksmith shop in
Tuscumbia. John was born in 1845 in Germany and came to America in 1860. He
and his first wife, Mary (Artz) were living in Tuscumbia in 1881. She died in 1892
and in 1895, John married Minnie Nixdorf.
2. “William Golden and Company”---William had a general mercantile store in
Tuscumbia. In 1880, William and his wife, Alvira, were living in Jim Henry
township with their 7 children. When he opened his store, I do not know if he
remained on his Jim Henry farm or moved into Tuscumbia.
3. “Samuel H. Sone, Agent for California Marble Works”....Samuel sold tombstones for
this company. He married Lena Hauenstein (1857-1877), and they lived in Tuscumbia. She died at the age of 20 years and Samuel married Mrs. Lizzie Jenkins
in 1885. By that time, he was living in Jefferson City, MO.
by Peggy Smith Hake
From: The Miller County Vindicator, dated 3 June 1881---Volume 3 #17
“We didn’t get a bit of Phil Hauenstein’s wedding cake.”
Note: There’a a good reason they didn’t get a piece of Phil’s cake because he didn’t
marry Sarah Riggins (of Cole Co.) until April, 1882! A rumor had them
married in 1881, but they didn’t ‘tie the knot’ until 1882. I found this info in
another news item in the old newspaper).
“W. P. Reinhart of Ulman’s Ridge, gave us a pleasant call Wednesday.”
Note: I think this may have been Wesley Reinhart who lived in Glaize township in
1880. He lived with his parents, A. J. and Nancy Reinhart.
“Thomas J. Armistead and John W. Lovell, of Hickory Point, called Wednesday.”
Note: Thomas and wife, Eliza, and John and wife, Elizabeth, lived in the same
community in Richwoods township known as Hickory Point. A church
and cemetery are still there.
“Mark Fancher, one of Iberia’s prominent merchants, gave us a call Wednesday.”
Note: Marquis/Mark Fancher, son of David and Catherine (Hurley) Fancher (natives of
New York), married Lucy Ann Cummings of Tuscumbia. They moved to
Iberia in the 1870s and set up a general merchandise store.
“Mr. I.(saac) M. Goodrich received a fine, $130 buggy on the steamer PHIL E. CHAPPEL.”
Note: Isaac and his wife, Rebecca, lived in Tuscumbia with their 3 children in
1880. Isaac was a native of New York and his wife was born in Ohio.
“Charles Clarke has recovered.”
Note: Don’t know what Charles was recovering from........He was a native of
England and lived in Tuscumbia with is wife, Isabelle (Skinner).
“Tuscumbia won’t get the railroad, we fear.”
Note: They didn’t
“M. Catron of Brumley, called on Wednesday to renew his subscription.”
Note: Manessah Catron lived in Glaize township with his wife, Susan Vienna, and
and their 5 children.
“Col. Johnson of Pleasant Mount, had a mess of new potatoes the last day of May.”
Note: I am not sure if this was James Johnson or A. C. Johnson. Both lived in
the Pleasant Mount area
“George P. Swanson of Pleasant Mount, was in town last Monday selling stock.”
Note: George and his wife, Maggie, lived in Pleasant Mount in 1880 with their little
girl, Estella.
“Dr. John L. Conner, of Brumley, is in Vienna (Maries County) this week selling a patent water drawer.”
Note: Dr. John and his wife, Elnora (Singletary), were residents of Brumley in 1880.
Wonder if he ever sold any of his ‘water drawers’?
“A young man, Mr. Warren of Brumley, entered our town school on Monday.”
Note: I think this was James Warren, son of John R. Warren. The school he entered
was Professor Morris’ school in Tuscumbia.
“John Boyce and sister, Miss Sadie, and Miss Ollie Russell, of Rocky Mount, gave us a pleasant call on Saturday.”
Note: John and Sarah/Sadie Boyce were children of Richard and Mary Boyce of
Franklin township. Ollie Russell was a daughter of Arthur and Louise Russell,
also of Franklin township.
“George Johnston of Iberia, entered our office door last Tuesday and introduced himself.”
Note: George Johnston was born in Canada and lived in the village of Iberia in 1880
with his wife, Laura J. (Irwin) and their 3 children.