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    Hattie J. Maylee wa born Oct. 18, 1865, near Prague,Czechoslovakia. Her parents (names not found) came to America when Hattie was an infant. They first settled in Chicago, ILL. moved later to Hannibal, Mo. and finally came to Miller County in the late 1870s.
    In the census of 1880, Hattie & her two brothers, John & Franklin, were living in Tuscumbia and each were in different homes as servants...John Maly/Maylee (b.c/1855) lived with the Henry Barnhart family; Franklin/Frank (1868-1931) lived with the Ira T. Johnson family and Hattie, age 17, was a servant in the home of Theodore Robinson. I believe there was a fourth Maylee child...Barbara Mahly/Maylee who married John Kalofa in Miller County 2/10/1880.
    On Nov. 20, 1881, Hattie married John Robert Thompson, a son of Page & Mary Thompson. Their marriage was performed by Luke E. Melton, a minister of the gospel. John Thompson was born 3/9/1861 and died at the age of 25 years on 11/15/1886. Before his death, he & Hattie became parents of three children:
1. Ida Thompson, 1882-1965 married Hugh M. Atwell 1908.
2. Frank L. Thompson, 1884-1946 married Stella Blackburn 1911.
3. Charles C. Thompson, 1884-??? married ????.
(Chas. & Frank were twins-Chas. lived in Portland, Oregon when his mother died in 1934)
    On Oct. 28, 1894, Hattie married her second husband, John Edward Kallenbach, son of Valentine & Mary M. Kallenbach, natives of Saxony, Germany. Rev. Edmund Wilkes performed the ceremony of John & Hattie. They were the first couple married in the new Tuscumbia Chistian Church (In 1894)
    In the 1900 census of Miller County, Hattie & John Kallenbach were living in the village of Tuscumbia. In there home were six children (three were Thompson children & three were Kallenbach children). The neighbors of the Kallenbachs in 1900 were Walter Goodrich, James P. Wright, James Tomson, Samuel Adcock, Dr. James McGee, Dr. Kouns, and Arthur Small.
    Hattie & John Kallenbach had six children:
1. Leonard E. Kallenbach
2. Dewey Edward Kallenbach
3. Joseph E. Kallenbach
4. Halley Kallenbach (died in infancy)
5. Hattie Kallenbach (Mrs. C. E. Fendorf)
6. Alma Kallenbach (Mrs. Asa Mayfield)
    Hattie J. Maylee-Thompson-Kallenbach died at the age of 69 years on 4/30/1934. She was survived by her husband, John Kallenbach: eight children; nine grandchildren; one great grandchild and a half-brother, John Maylee. Her brother, Frank Maylee, preceded her  in death in 1931.
    She was a charter member of the Tuscumbia Christian Church where her funeral was held, conducted by Rev. S. A. Crouch. She was buried at Tuscumbia Cemetery.

    William Birdsong was born in Layfayette County, Tennessee (near Memphis) on 7/1/1828. He was one of twelve children born to Josiah & Nancy (Huddleston) Birdsong, natives of Alabama. Josiah was born c/1798 and Nancy about 1802.
    In the 1820s, the Birdsong family moved to Tennessee and by 1835 had ventured to Missouri, first settling in Maries County. They remained there about a year and moved west to Miller County and settled near present day Iberia. By 1838, they had pulled up stakes once again and moved to the Osage River country of Equality Township. All of these moves were made by wagon & oxen team, which were tedious and tiresome, to say the least.
    Josiah Birdsong started a hatter's store (maker of men's hat) at Tuscumbia, the first in Miller County. He bought land south of Tuscubia near the Osage River which later became the site of the "county poor farm", Josiah died on his farm in December 1859 and was buried in the family cemetery where his two sons, Calvin & Benjamin, had been buried in the early 1850s.
    The children of Josiah & Nancy (Huddleston) Birdsong included:
1. George G. born c/1820 married Marths ????
2. Benjamin Franklin 1822-1851.
3. Lucinda born c/1823 married Edward H. Gibson.
4. Malinda c/1826 married Owen Riggs.
5. William born 1828 married Mary A. Stapp.
6. Calvin 1831-1852
7. Lavina born c/1835 married John Barr.
8. Evaline born 1936??/1836 married Joseph G. Lurton.
9. Josiah Jr. born c/1840
10. Mary born c/1843.
11. John born c/1845
12. Nancy born c/1849 married Daniel Welchons.
    William Birdsong, son of Josiah & Nancy, was about seven years old when his family to Missouri from West Tennessee. In Miller County's early history, there were not many schools established and often children lived too far away to attend classes regularly. William only attended school occasionally, but in his teen years had a desire to acquire an education. He "ran away" and entered school at Spring Garden, quite a few miles north of his Osage River home. At age 18, he began his first job, clerking in a mercantile store in Tuscumbia. Later about age 21, he decided to try to experience a new adventure on the river and became a pilot and boat builder. After a few years, he settled down and spent the rest of his life as a farmer. During the Civil War, he enlisted in Capt. Sayles Brown's Company for a year and took part in Price's raid, which lasted 21 days.
    On 9/22/1853, William married Mary A. Stapp in Miller County. Mary was born in Missouri in 1836, one of eight children born to John & Mary Stapp, natives of Virginia. The children born to William & Mary were:
1. Martha E. born1855 married Nicholas Seitz 1874.
2. Nancy J. born 1857 married James Morris 1895
3. Lucy E. born 1858-1929 married John C. Bassman.
4. Josiah born c/1860 (no other record found)
5. William F. born1864 married Christina Findlay 1891
6. Mary Elizabeth/Lizzie born 1855 (No record).
7. Theresa/Tressie born 1871 married Albert B. Breen 1894.
8. Charles M. 1873-1899.
    Mary Stapp Birdsong died in 1906 and was buried at Tuscumbia Cemetery. William lived until 1920, when he died at the advanced age of 92 years. He was buried beside Mary, with whom he had spent 53 years of marriage.
Two John Otto Families

John Otto was born in 1856 in Osage County, Missouri, a son of Anton
Otto and Anna Catherine Hagenhoff. His parents married in Westphalia (Osage
County, Missouri) in 1851. Both were natives of Prussia/Germany. Anton
1830-1894 was a son of Herman Otto. Anna Catherine Hagenhoff (sometimes
spelled Hogenhof) was born in 1827. Anton is buried at Visitation Cemetery
in Vienna (Maries County) Missouri but I find no record of Catherine/Kate's
burial there. Anton came to America at age 10 c/1840, with his parents and
they settled in Westphalia. Anton was a farmer for many years in Osage
County, but about 1870, he moved to the Vienna area where he remained the
rest of his life. Anton and Catherine/Kate were parents of six children:
1. Henry Otto born 1854 married Mary Buschman 1877.
2. John Otto born 1856 married Margaret Buschman 1881.
3. Catherine Otto born 1858 married Conrad Avers/Evers 1875 (They later
lived near St. Anthony, Miller County, Mo.)
4. Anna Otto born 1861 married Henry Wieberg.
5. Joseph Otto born 1865 married ??? (died before 1889).
6. Mary Otto born 1868 married Henry Swartz.
During the census of 1880, Anton & Kate Otto were living in Maries
County in Boone Township near the families of Copeland, Reinkemeyer, Wiles,
Owens, Lubbert, Woody, Breeden, Grant and Doyle.
John Otto, the second child of Anton & Kate, moved to Vienna in 1877 at
age 21 and became a salesman for R. L. Schenker, who had a store in Vienna
during those years. In 1880, John was living in the Schenker home and was
listed as a "store clerk" when the census was taken. On 2/22/1881, John
married Margaret/Maggie Buschman in Vienna. Maggie was born in Osage County
in 1852, a daughter of Joseph Buschman (1815-1884) and his wife (not known
at this time).
In 1889, per "Goodspeeds History of the area, John Otto had established
his own general merchandise store in Vienna and carried a good line of
products for residents of the area. In 1907, he was still a successful
businessman in Vienna but I do not know how many years his store was in
existence. In 1884, John Otto was one of several men in Vienna who attempted
to get the town incorporated. They were successful and he was one of the
first trustees of Vienna after incorporation.
I do not know how many children John and Maggie had over the years, but
I know of at least three who were named in the 1889 book....Katherine/Kate
Otto born c/1882; William A. Otto 1884-1938; and Henry J. Otto 1888-1889.
Maggie Buschman Otto died in 1932 and was buried at Visitation Cemetery
in Vienna. John, her husband of 51 years, lived until1941. He died at age 85
and was buried beside Maggie at Visitation Cemetery.


Over in Miller County there was another John Otto during the same time
era...I do not know if there was any kin between the families of not.
John Otto (1860-1911) was born in Osage County, Mo and was the son of
Stephen Otto(1837-1883) and his wife Catherine Brunnert (1835-1918). I do
not know for sure when John Otto moved into Miller County since he does not
appear on the 1880 census. John married Anna Angela Schulte in Miller County
on 4/14/1883. Their marriage was performed by Father Cosmos Seeberge,
Catholic priest at St. Elizabeth. Anna was born in 1862 in Osage County.
Stephen Otto, father of John, was born 5/20/1837 in Westphalia,
Prussia, and came to America about 1839 with his parents. He was only two
years old, so probably did not remember his European homeland. The Otto
family lived in Osage County, later in St. Thomas (Cole County), and then
moved to Miller County in later years.
I believe John Otto had a brother who also lived in Miller County. His
name was Frank Otto, born in October 1872. He married Anna Westerman in
Miller County 8/7/1894, the marriage performed by Charles J. Putz, Catholic
priest. Frank & Annie were living in Osage Township near John Otto and his
family during the 1900 census. Between 1896 and 1898, death had claimed two
young daughters of Frank & Anna; Martha (1896-1897) and Mary (1898-1898).
Both are buried at St. Lawrence Cemetery in St.Elizabeth.
John Otto and his wife, Anna Angela (Schulte) were parents of nine
1. Stephen Otto born 1883 married Anna Boeckman.
2. Joseph Otto 1884-1932 married Adelheid Streumph 1908 and Anna Rehagen
3. Mary Otto born 1886 married John Scheppers 1908.
4. Hironimus Otto born 1888 married Anna Margaret Scheppers.
5. Dominicus Otto born 1890 married Anna Lindenbusch 1912.
6. Michael Henry Otto 1891-1956 married Martha Mary Rehagen 1914.
7. Lucy Otto born 1894 married Wm. "Bill" Buechter 1913.
8. Veronica Otto born 1900 married Henry Buechter 1917.
9. Cecelia Otto born 1906 married Adolph Dickneite.
During the cencus of 1900, the John Otto family were living in Osage
Township near the Big Tavern Creek. Their neighbors included the families of
Albertson, Airhart, Gerby, Clark, Snelling, Doubikin, and Humphrey.
The Otto farm was divided among four sons of John & Annie;
Stephen/Steve, Joseph/Joe, Michael/Mike and Hironimus. The other son,
Dominicus/Doc was given the family's general store in St. Anthony. The old
Otto place is still being farmed by an Otto family.


The Buechter family came to America from a German province,
Westfalen,Westphalen,Prussia. Sometime before 1850. After arriving in
central Missouri, they first settled in Osage County near Rich Fountain. I
believe Elizabeth Buechter, the widow of Heinrich/Henry Buechter came to
America with a son, Frank Buechter and a daughter, Gertrude Buechter
Boeckmann and their famlies. She was born circa 1786 in her native
Germany.Per information I have received from Mrs. Margaret Gentges of Great
Falls, Virginia. The husband of Elizabeth was Henirich Buechter born in
Westfalen, Germany. Evidently he died in his native homeland and did not
make the trip to America with his wife and children. The name is spelled
several different ways in church and census records of Osage County
including Buchter, Buscher and Buescher. In the 1850 census of Osage Co.,Mo.
Elizabeth Buechter was living in the home of Ferdinand and Gertrude
Boechkmann with their two children... Joseph and Elizabeth. Gertrude was
Elizabeth's daughter. Son Francis/Frank Buechter and his wife, Gertrude
Diecke were living in Osage Co., in 1860 with a young daughter named
Gertrude, age two. Gerdinand and Gertrude Boeckmann were still living in
Osage Co.,in 1860 as well. Elizabeth Buechter died at New Westphalia, Osage
Co., Mo., in 1858 at the age of 72. Per church records and buried in the
parish cemetery. Frank and Gertrude Buechter continued to live in the Rich
Fountain area until about 1870. Over a twelve year period five children were
born and all baptized at Rich Fountain.
1.Maria Gertrude Buechter b.1858
2.Francis Joseph Buechter b.1860
3.Maria Elizabeth Buechter b.1863
4.Walter Francis Buechter b.1865
5.Catherine Anna Buechter b.1868
Later records do not give Walter Francis so I presume he died at an early
age.Just prior to 1870 Frank and Gertrude Buechter moved to Miller Co. and
located in Osage township. This was new territory for the German immigrants
who had first settled at New Westphalia and Rich Fountain in Osage County.
The rich Osage river country was like a magnet which drew the German farmers
into the area. Their neighbors in 1870 included Robert and Eliza Hawk,
Richard Holtmeyer, George and Matilda Grosvenor, William and Sarah
Kinworthy, James and Martha Myers, John and Elizabeth Clark and Greenville
and Jane Boyd. Frank Buechter died Feb. 2, 1872, at the age of 49, born Dec.
12, 1822. He is buried in the Charleytown Cemetery located on top a hill
overlooking the site of Old St. Elizabeth on the river. Within a year his
widow, Gertrude Diecke Buechter wed Herman Boeckmann. Who may have been a brother to Ferdinand Boeckmann. By 1880 Gertrude and her second husband were living in Osage township about three miles south of St. Elizabeth. I believe they were living near the site of the Boeckmann bridge. Because
their neighbors were Edmund & Clarissa(Lawson) Shelton, who lived just south
of them on land which is know as the Omar Hickey farm. Other neighbors in
1880 were Frank & Conrad Kemna, Barbara West, William &
Elizabeth(Shelton)Calbert and Herman & Katie Lambeth. After 1880 census no
record is found for Gertrude Buechter and her second husband Herman
Boeckmann. I think perhaps she is buried beside her first husband Frank
Buechter in Charleytown, Old St. Elizabeth Cemetery with no grave stone. Her
surviving children remained in the same vicinty and married locally. Most of
the Buechter families today can trace their ancestry through the only
surviving son Francis Joseph Buechter who married Katherine Volmert in
Miller County in 1885. In 1882 Maria Elizabeth Buechter married John Volmert
a brother to Katherine. Maria Gertrude Buecther oldest child of Frank &
Gertrude married J. Henry Heckmeier/Heckemeyer in 1879. She died in 1882
probably of childbirth. Henry later married Mary Streump of Osage County.
Catherine Anna Buechter the youngest married twice. Her first husband was
Anton Herman Tellman whom she married in 1886. Her second husband was Anton Nicholas Schwaller in 1889. So the Buechter family history continues
on in the Miller County:families of Volmert. Heckemeyer, Schwaller and
perhaps Boeckmann, Gertrude Buechter married Ferdinand Boeckmann all those generations ago in Germany.

Joshua D. Cochran

Joshua D Cochran was born 26 July 1825 (place uncertain), a son of Edward
Cochran. It is believed but not proven, that his grandfather was John
Cochran, born 3 January 1755 in Londonderry, Ireland. John Cochran was a
veteran of the Revolutionary War, having served from Mercklenberg Co., North
Carolina. Evidently he came to America in time to join the Colonial forces
fighting against Great Britain. By 1829, John Cochran was in Cape Girardeau
County, Missouri where he made application for a Revolutionary War pension.
At the time, he was living with 'his son' when he filed his application

Family legend, handed down through the generations, says Joshua, his younger
brother and sister, John and Hester Cochran, were found in a rafter's cabin
on the Osage River about 1837. How these young children managed to go up
the Mississippi River from Cape Girardeau, and then get on the Missouri and
Osage Rivers into Miller County must have been a miracle! After found,
Joshua age 12 and John age 10, were taken in and endentured to Rev. Abraham
Castleman who lived in Northern Richwoods township. Hester, about 8 years
old, was bound to John and Nancy Brumley of Equality township. In August
1846, Hester Cauhorn/Cochran married Andrew I. Brumley.

In Joshua's endenture papers, dated 7 November 1837 and on file at the
Miller County courthouse, it stated he was endentured to the said Castleman
to learn the trade of farming until age 21 years (on July 26, 1846). During
this 9-year period of time, he could not marry, could not play cards or
dice, could not 'haunt or frequent' taverns, tippling houses (where liquor
was sold), or places of gaming (gambling houses). He would be taught to
read, write, and taught arithmetic. At the end of the nine years, he would
be given a new Bible, two new suits of clothes, and $10. In cash. In
addition to all these things promised Joshua, he also received training as a
circuit-riding preacher from Abraham Castleman. Joshua practiced as an
early-day preacher of Miller County for many years.

Joshua D Cochran married Sarah/Sally Keeth in Miller County 7 July 1846, a
week before his endenture expired with Castleman. She was a daughter of
John Keeth, Sr. and Ruhanna/Ruhama Allen, natives of Edmondson County,
Kentucky. The Keeth and Whittle families came to Miller County in the same
wagon train in the earl 1840's and settled in Richwoods township southwest
of Iberia.

When first married, Joshua and Sarah/Sally lived near the Castleman family
north of Iberia near Barren Fork Creek. Their neighbors in those years were
the families of Aust, Bond, Gardner, Burks, and Snelling. On June 3, 1866,
they bought 180 acres of land from Thomas Owen and Nancy (Keeth) Workman,
located southwest of Iberia near the Keeth and Whittle families. Nancy
Workman was a sister to Sally Cochran. The land is owned today by the
families of Fred Spearman and James McKinnon.

The children of Joshua D and Sarah/Sally (Keeth) Cochran were: Mary
Elizabeth b. June 1847 m. William Louis Dial 1866; Eliza b. 1849 died young;
Nancy Jane b. July 1852 m Allen J Henderson 1870; Sarah Melissa b. May 1855
m. Sterling Maynard Colvin 1874; Louisana/Lucy Ann b. April 1860-never
married; Martha A b. 1865 died young; Solomon L b. March 1862 m. Elizabeth
/Betty Wall 1888; and William C b. November 1868 m. Martha E Wiseman 1890.
There were two other children born, names unknown, who died in infancy.

By 1900, Joshua and Sally, both aged, were living in the home of their son,
William/Bill Cochran, in East Glaize township. At this time I have not found
the date of their deaths through my research. Several years ago, Edward
Keeth, a nephew to Sally Keeth Cochran, told me that Joshua and Sally were
buried at Rankin Wright cemetery (also known as Spearman cemetery) but had
no headstones to mark their burial site. This old cemetery, recently
renovated, is located on the land purchased by Joshua and Sally from the
Workmans in 1866 (mentioned earlier) so it stands to reason they were buried
on the same land where they lived for so many years.

During the decades of the 1930s and 1940s, as I was growing up in the Iberia
area, Cochran was pronounced "Cawhorn" and I believe this was the old Irish
pronunciation of the name. In old records, names were often spelled the way
they sounded to the person writing the information. In the marriage records
for Hester Cochran, recorded at the courthouse in 1846, her name was spelled
Cauhorn, no Cochran. To me, that certainly sounds more like 'Cawhorn' than

Typed by: Carrie (Law) Bond---descendant of Abraham Castleman's
Sister-Sarah/Sally m. John Bond, and Burks

John Kallenback

John Kallenback was born in Saxony, Germany on the 10th day of December,
1844. He imigrated to the u.s. in his early youth and soon thereafter became
a naturalized citizen of our country. Not long after his arrival, he enlisted
in the Union Army and served his adopted country through that long struggle
as a private in Company G, 10th regiment of Missouri Volunteers, Calvary.
John was married to Christina Artz on November 12, 1876 and they became the
parents of four children: Roland O; Oliver R.; Oscar; and Bertha who died in
infancy. After the death of his first wife in 1892, he remarried and his
second wife was Minnie A. Nixdorf, a daughter of Dr. A.P. Nixdorf, one of the
pioneer physicians of Miller County. He and zminnie had nine children who
included: Stella, John Frederick, Edison C., Raymond, Ruth, Nettie, Henry,
Ruby, and Hazel. Soon after the Civil War, John established a home in
Tuscumbia and engaged in the blacksmith and wagon making business. The last few years of his life he was retired and spent the time farming his land a
few miles north of Tuscumbia. John Kalenbach died at his home on the Saline
Creek, the 28th day of December, 1918 at the age of 74 years.

Andrew Jackson, our 7th President, was the first President whose
birthplace was in dispute. The various places claimed included: Union
County, N.Carolina; Berkely Co., VA; August Co., VA; (now West Va.) Your Co.,
Penn; England: and some said he was born on the high seas! According to his
biography, his birthplace was given as Waxhaw, S. Carolina which is none of
the places mentioned above.

January 24, 1984


Rev. Henry Loveall was born 1684 in Cambridge, England. His wife was named Martha, but nothing else is known of her ancestry. Henry was an early-day Baptist minister in Maryland after coming to America in the early 18th century. According to the "AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY" , Henry Loveall's  real name was Desolate Baker and he settled in Rhode Island about 1729. He was ordained a minister in New Jersey and preached at churches in New Jersey for awhile. About 1742, he moved to Baltimore Co., Maryland and started the first Baptist church there at Falls Road. He was living at Chestnut Ridge, Maryland in 1772 and was 78 years old. He and Martha had 4 sons: ZEBULON, ETHAN, LUTHER, & CALVIN.

The Miller County Lovealls were descendants  of Zebulon, born 1728 in Piscataway, Rhode Island. He was father of several children including: HENRY, RUTH, ZACHARIAH, JONATHAN, AND REBECCA.  The wife of Zebulon was Mary [maiden name unknown]. According to D.A.R. records, Zebulon Loveall died in Baltimore Co., MD before 1786.

Zebulon Loveall, grandson of the first Zebulon, was born in Baltimore Co., MD. Circa 1776. His first wife was Jane Lane. They left Maryland and moved into Wayne Co., Kentucky and lived for awhile. By 1837, he was in Miller Co., Missouri, living north of the Osage river in the Saline valley area.
His known children were: ABRAHAM, STEPHEN, JACOB L., JONATHAN, FANNIE, SOLOMON, SILAS MARION, & SARAH…….. Zebulon moved on to Dade Co., MO and died there circa 1845.

Jonathan Loveall, son of Zebulon and great, great grandson of Rev. Henry Loveall of  England, was born in Wayne Co., KY in 1814. Jonathan was a farmer and a furniture maker by trade. He married Nancy Sorter of So. Carolina circa 1835. They were parents of 8 children: SARAH ELIZABETH b. 1838 m. Benjamin F. Russell 1857; WILLIAM  b. 1840 [no other record]; SILAS b. 30 July 1842 m. Amanda Colvin 1861; DELILAH F.  b. 1845 m. James J. Russell 1859; VIENNA & MARTHA twins b. 1847 - both died young; JASPER NEWTON b. 1858 m. Rachel Emeline_____ 1874; NANCY EMELINE b. 1855 m. Samuel W. Dial 1867. Jonathan married his 2nd wife, Leatha Booth, in Miller Co. in 1856. Nancy may have died at the birth of her 8th child in 1855.
Jonathan and his 2nd wife, Leatha , had 8 children and they moved from Miller Co., locating in the area near Ft. Smith, Arkansas. He died there.

Silas Loveall, son of Jonathan and Nancy [Sorter] , and a great, great, great grandson of Rev. Henry Loveall of England, was born in Miller Co. on July 30, 1842. He married Amanda Colvin, daughter of James H. and Barbara [Phipps] Colvin [natives of Grainger Co., TN]  on July 28, 1861. They were parents of 8 children: LEATHA JANE,  b. 1864 m. Josephus Whittle 1878; BARBARA A. b. 1865 m. 1] Mr. Evans 2] Mr. Brown; VINA FRANCES b. 1869 m. Edwin Gauches;  STACEY ADELINE  b. 1872 m. Frank Gauches; JASPER M.  b. 1875 m. Emma Wheat;  JAMES J.  b. 1879 m. Rosa Spearman; ELIZABETH  b. ____ m. Benton Workman; and JOHN  b.  ? m. Paradine Stout.

The only descendants of the Loveall family left in Miller County today are from the families of Whittle, Spearman, and Workman. The majority of the children of Silas Loveall moved into Oklahoma and Arkansas and reared their families in those states.

Jonathan Loveall, who was a great, great grandson of  Rev. Henry Loveall  of England, married Nancy Sorter about 1837. No record has been found of their marriage, but it must have occurred in central Missouri. The name Sorter has been found spelled with many variations including Sartor, Sarter, Salter, Sooter, and Psalter.

Nancy Sorter was born in South Carolina in 1814 and was descended from William and Rebecca [Hughes] Sorter of Union District, So. Carolina. William, born 11 Mar 1760 in So. Carolina, married Rebecca in March of 1783. William was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and fought in the famous Battle of Kings Mountain  [in No. Carolina] and also at Blackstocks and Cowpens. His Revolutionary War records are very informative and detailed. After his death, on June 11, 1829 in Union District, S. C., Rebecca filed for a widow's pension and received $80 per year until her death.

The parents of Nancy Sorter Loveall are believed to have been William and Delila Sorter, also of So. Carolina who came to Miller Co. in the 1830s and settled northeast of Tuscumbia in the same area as the Lovealls. Their children were: THOMAS S. SORTER b. ca 1805 SC  m. Sarah Enoch 1832 Cole Co., MO.; ELIZABETH SORTER  b. ca 1808 SC  m. Allen Henderson in Tenn.; PETER SORTER  b. ca 1811 SC  m. Patsy Enoch 1839 Miller Co., MO; and NANCY SORTER  b. 1814 SC  m.  Jonathan Loveall ca 1835 Cole Co., MO. ?
There may have been other children who did not come to Missouri.

The Gilgal Baptist Church of Christ met to organize in 1835 at the home of William      Sarter  [per Jenkins' History of Miller County], so the Sorter & Loveall families were instrumental in organizing the first church of the Baptist faith in Miller County.

Nancy Sorter Loveall died in 1855 leaving 8 children. Jonathan, her husband, married Leatha Booth in Miller Co. in 1856 and they moved to Dade Co., Mo in western Missouri during the Civil War era. Later they moved into southern Missouri where Jonathan died.

Silas Loveall, son of Nancy Sorter and Jonathan Loveall, remained in Miller County and married Amanda Colvin, daughter of James and Barbara [Phipps] Colvin who lived in the Bear creek area of Glaize/Equality townships. Their children married into the Whittle, Workman, and Spearman famillies and are the Sorter ancestral families of Miller Co. today.

NOTE; Peggy Smith Hake, the author of this book, is a direct descendant of the Loveall and Sorter ancestral families of Miller County.

Baker-Fancher Wagon Train

A gravesite memorial was dedicated Sept. 11, 1999 at the site of the
tragic Mountain Meadows Massacre, near Cedar City, Utah. The memorial, built and maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, helps
preserve the memory of the 120 who died in the September 1857 massacre when their wagon train was attacked enroute from the Ozarks to California.
The Baker-Fancher wagon train, which was formed primarily of families
from Boone and Carroll County, Arkansas, left the Ozarks in the summer of
1857. Exact cause of the attack upon the wagon train and the subsequent
killing of virtually all its men and women and many children, is still not
understood....A Mountain Meadows Association, formed in 1989, is dedicated to perserving the memory of those who died.

NOTE:......Capt. Alexander Fancher, who was the leader of the wagon train,
and his family once lived in Miller County, MO in the early 1840's. They
lived in the Big Richwoods near present-day Iberia where one or two of their
children were born. They left Miller County and moved to Carroll County,
Arkansas before 1850. There have been several books written about this
tragic event of 1857 and it has been researched thoroughly over the years by
many people trying to find out the true story of what actually happened on
that September day in 1857 as the wagon train was slowly moving toward
California through the Mountain Meadows of southern Utah.

DeVere: my personal note: while researching on my father's side of the
family, my gg-grandmother was Bertha Rutha Dunlap, two of her half
brothers-Jesse Dunlap Jr., and Lorenzo Dow Dunlap along with their families
were part of the massacred wagon train parties. Only a couple of their
daughters lived to tell the story.

The Humphrey Family

The Humphrey Family were among Missouri's earliest settlers. They were in
the present area of Miller Co. when Missouri was only a territory. In 1821,
Gasconade County was formed from Franklin Co. and it entailed a huge amount
of land extending across the entire state westward to Indian Country.

In 1822 John Humphrey married Nancy Skaggs, recorded in Gasconade County
records. Five years later, his brother, Nathaniel Humphrey married Sally
Jamison, also in Gasconade County. I believe they were new settlers in the
Big Tavern County of present -day northeast Miller County. Before 1837,
when Miller County was organized, they would have been living in Franklin
County prior to 1821; in Gasconade County from 1821 - 1834; in Pulaski
County from 1834 - 1837; and finally, after 1837, were permanent settlers of
Miller County. As the county boundaries were extended over two decades, the
Humphrey family remained on their homesteaded land, perhaps unaware that
they had lived in four different Missouri Counties and had never moved!

In the 1840 Miller County census, both John and Nathaniel Humphrey and their
families were enumerated in Osage Township, a few miles southwest of
present-day St. Elizabeth. Both men were natives of Kentucky; John born
circa 1796 and Nathaniel circa 1808. Kentucky was organized as a state in
1792 from the Dominion of Virginia. Many early pioneers claimed they were
born in Kentucky, but were actually born in Virginia. The parents of John
and Nathaniel may have been among the early settlers of Kentucky, perhaps
settled the region at the same time as Daniel Boone in the 1770's or '80's.
One can only speculate.

Sally Jamison Humphrey, wife of Nathaniel, must have died before 1839
because at that time he married Jane Airhart/ Ahart who was living in the
same area of Osage Township her mother, Ann Airhart. Nathaniel and Sally had
at least 4 children including Stephen born ca 1837; James born ca 1838; and
Orrena born ca 1836. The name of the 4th child is uncertain, but there is
the possibility it was James M. Humphrey, born ca 1828. In 1850 James M.
Humphrey, his wife Sarah, and son John, were living on land adjoining
Nathaniel Humphrey. John Humphrey and his family had followed the Big
Tavern creek southeast and had re-settled in the Old Brays Mill area of
Richwoods Township by 1850. Until I find definite proof otherwise, I am of
the opinion that James M. Humphrey was a son of Nathaniel and Sally
(Jamison) Humphrey since he remained near Nathaniel when John Humphrey and family moved away and into the Big Richwoods.

Nathaniel Humphrey disappears from census records after 1850. In 1844, he
married a third time, to Susan Arhart, sister of Jane. They either moved
westward or he died in Osage Township and is buried in an unknown gravesite.

By 1860 James M. Humphrey, with his wife Sarah and children: John C., Mary
J., Lucretia, and James P. were still residing in Osage Township. His
neighbors were John and Betsy Clark, Robert and Martha Clark, George Wilson, John P. Clark, and Ezekiel Blanton.

When the Civil War broke out, James M. Humphrey enlisted into Company H of
the Missouri Home Guards. He and Sarah had four more Children before she
died circa 1873. They were: Permelia A., Seigle, Logan, and Washington.
About 1874 or 1875, James married Mary E. Humphrey, daughter of Stephen
Humphrey and his wife, ______ (Sherley). Mary was considerably younger that
James and they were distant cousins. I was not successful in learning the
father of Stephen Humphrey, but family legend stated they lived in Cole
County, MO. Stephen and his wife also had a son named James Thomas
Humphrey, a brother to Mary. James Thomas 'Jim' married Anna Hensley in
Miller County on May 1, 1887, the marriage performed by John Aust, Minister.
Jim and Annie were the grandparents of Loren Humphrey of Iberia.

Stephen Humphrey was a casualty of the Civil War, one of the Union soldiers
killed at the battle of Wilson's Creek near Springfield in 1862. Stephen's
wife was a sister to Frances Sherley who married John J. Jarret in Miller
County in 1852.

James M. Humphrey and his 2nd wife, Mary E. (Humphrey) were parents of five
children: Francis Marion, born 1876 married Mary Ardelia Morrow; Sarah
Melvina born 1880 married John 'Fount' Ahart; Oliver Perry married Mary
_______; Matthew (he lived and died in the state of Kansas); and Stephen
born ca 1895 (he lived and died at Potosi, Missouri).

James died sometime after the birth of Stephen (probably after the turn of
the century) and is buried at Old Brays cemetery. His grave is marked with a
military stone. Presumably both his wives are buried in brays also, but no

Francis Marion Humphrey and Mary (Morrow) were parents of several children
including Edward, Raymond, Woodford / Woody, Harley, Jennings, Truman, Mabel (Edwards), Erma (Farnham). * Marion died in 1936; Mary lived until 1960.
Both are buried at Brays Union cemetery.
* Also son, Archie (this is hand written at the end of paragraph by Peggy
Smith Hake)

Sarah Melvina Humphrey and John 'Fount' Ahart were parents of at least seven
children including Elizabeth, Martha (Catron), Missouri (Hawkins), Charles,
and Sherman. At least two children are buried in the Jarrett cemetery north
of Iberia.

John and Nancy (Skaggs) Humphrey, married in 1822, had a large family
including William and Wilbert, twins, born circa 1824. William never
married; Wilbert married (1) Agnes Blankenship in 1846 (2) Martha Shepherd,
1873; Sarah born ca 1832 married John Patterson 1856; Andrew born ca 1833
married Elizabeth _______; Stephen born ca 1834 married Louisa Bolinger
1854; Athla born ca 1836 and never married; Willis born ca 183_ married
Mahala Clark 1857; John born ca 1841 never married; Benjamin born ca 1843
never married; Mastin M. born ca 1846 married Laura Belle Russell 1891; and
Lucinda born ca 1851 married Wm. N. Humphrey.

John Humphrey died between the census taken in 1850 and the next in 1860.
His burial place is unknown. In 1860, Nancy was living with her five
unmarried children - William, Athla, Benjamin Franklin, Martha Mastin, and
Lucinda. Living nearby was another son, Wilbert and his wife Agnes
(Blankenship) with four children: William, Julia Ann, George Martin, and
Nancy Jane. By 1870, Nancy (Skaggs) Humphrey, wife of John, had died and
probably buried somewhere in the old Brays cemetery. The earliest burial in
that old graveyard was Mesheck Rowden who died in the mid 1850's.

Some of the Humphrey family was in Osage Township and some were found in the Big Richwoods in the census of 1870. By 1880, most of the Humphrey clan
were living in the Brays area. Many of the older generation were probably
laid to rest in the Old Brays cemetery, on the hill overlooking the Big
Tavern creek, with nothing to mark the spot except a field stone.

Wilbert Humphrey, son of John and Nancy is buried at Brays Union cemetery
beside his second wife, Martha (Shepherd). His first wife, Agnes
Blankenship, died circa 1860 - 1863 and her place of burial is unknown. The
children of Wilbert and Agnes (Blankenship) were Julia Ann born ca 1850
married David Lawson in 1868; George Martin born 1852 married Hannah Tyler
1873; Nancy Jane born 1857 married Francis Butler 1890; and William 'Billy'
born 1848 married (1) name not known (2) Frances/Frankey Grady, daughter of
Calvin and Mary Grady. They were married in 1873. Wilbert and his second
wife, Martha (Shepherd) were the parents of only one child, a daughter named
Sarah E. born 1864 married (1) William Morrow in 1884 (2) John Slone.

William Humphrey, son of Wilbert and Agnes (Blankenship) was born in 1848.
The name of his first wife is unknown. No record of their marriage was
found. It is thought by some of the family that her name was either Mary or
Martha. They may have been married in Maries County, MO. William and his
first wife were parents of three children: Agnes Abigail born ca 1868 married
William R. Drake; Martha Jane born ca 1869 married Benjamin Andrew Drake;
and Elbert born 1870 married Margaret Jane Rowden, daughter of William
Nathaniel Rowden and Mary Jane Carnes, both of Maries count, MO. William
and his second wife, Frances (sometimes called Frankey and Fannie) Grady,
Daughter of Calvin and Mary Grady, were parents of: George T. 1874 - 1955 m.
?; Eather A. born ca 1878 married Ollie Elkins; Ora A. born ca 1877 died
young; Edgar R. born ca 1878 married Gertie Elkins; Dempsey born ? married
Effie ______; Paris born 1886 married Dora Hawkins; Roscoe born 1883 married Cora Stewart; Susie born 1881 married Isaac Groves; Flossie born ?, married Mont Newhart; Eva born 1893 married Miles Bowden; and Lulu born 1888 married William Roy Slone.

William and Fannie (Grady) Humphrey are buried at Brays Union Cemetery in
Richwoods Township. William Humphrey 1848 - 1929
Fannie (Grady) Humphrey 1855 - 1938

The descendants of John and Nathaniel Humphrey, and early Missouri
pioneering family, are very numerous in the area today. Their traditions
have been deeply embedded in our Missouri soil for many generations. They
left a fine ancestral heritage for their children, their children's
children...and on through the corridors of time.


John F. Barr was born 7 Nov 1833 and died 20 Jan 1898. He married
Ellender/Eleanor Wilson on 16 Nov 1856. Ellender was born 15 Mar 1835 and
died 9 May 1920
John F. Barr was the youngest son of Margaret Barr. At this time I have not
found the name of his father. Margaret Barr and her 8 children were living
in Miller County as early as 1840. She was listed in the census of 1840
living in Equality township, south of Tuscumbia, near the families of
Nicholas, Martin, McComb,Cotten , and Davis. I believe her children were the

1. Mary Ann Barr b.c/1823TN m. Andrew J. Roberts
2. Joseph Evans Barr b.c/1832TN m. Malinda Catherine Green
3. John F. Barr b. 1833 TN m. Ellender/Eleanor Wilson
4. Jesse C. Barr b._____TN m. Malinda ________
5. Martha Malinda Barr b._____TN m. Napoleon Bonaparte Earp
6. Malissa Barr b._____TN m. Josiah Roberts
7. Frances Barr b._____TN m. Stephen Roberts

John F. Barr married Eleanor Wilson in 1856 and they moved near the
Richwoods/Osage township line near present-day St. Anthony. In 1860, they
were living near the families of Hicks, Blize, Kinworthy, Duncan, Shelton,
Humphrey, and Grady. In their home was 2 children: Josiah/Joseph R. age 2
and Sarah J. age 7 months.
I am not sure who the parents of Ellender/Eleanor Barr were but believe they
were Wm. Alexander Wilson and Mary/Martha Smith. I think they had at least 6
chidlren including:

1. Eliza Wilson b.c/1834 m. William Z. Burton
2. Eleanor Wilson b. 1836 m. John F. Barr
3. Sicily Wilson b.c/1840 m. William C. Brumley
4. Alexander Wilson b.c/1842 m. Polly Ann Martin
5. William Wilson b.c/1844 m._____________
6. Owen Calvin Wilson b.c/1850 m. Matilda Ramsey

The children of John F. Barr and Ellender/Eleanor Barr were:

1. Joseph/Josiah B. Barr 1856-1937 m. Rhoda Shackleford 1886
2. Sarah J. Barr 1859-1936 m. George Andrew Golden 1876
3.Edmond Alexander Barr b. 1862 m. Sarah Elizabeth Pendleton 1886
4. Margaret Eliz. Barr b. 1865 m. James L. Bilyeu 1881
5. Alice Barr b. 1867 m. Jesse W. Burks 1900 (his 2nd wife)
6. Malissa Eliza Barr b. 1870 m. Stephen Helton 1888
7. John F. Barr b. 1872 m. Sarah Elizabeth Bailey 1897

NOTE: Sarah J. Barr m. George Andrew Goldenon 19 Nov 1876. He was a son of Joseph B. Golden, born c/1808 in New Jersey and Nancy Sibbett b. c/1816 in
Ohio. His grandparents were Andrew and Hannah Golden of New Jersey.

printed in The Miller County Autogram
dated 27 May 1920.........

Ellender (Eleanor) Wilson Barr was born 15 March 1835 and died 9 May 1920 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Bilyeu. She was 85 years old. Her
death was due to dropsy. She married John F. Barr before the Civil War in
1856 (Nov. 16--their marriage was performed by William Scott, a justice of
the peace).
Mr. Barr died 22 years earlier in 1898. She united with the Christian Church
at an early age. Her surviving children were Mrs. George Golden
(Sarah/Sally), Mrs. Elizabeth Bilyeu, E.A. (Edmond Alexander) Barr, Mrs.
Jesse W. Burks (Alice), John Barr, Mrs. Stephen D. Helton (Malissa Eliza) and
Joseph Barr (some records showed his name spelled Josiah). She was buried in Hicks Cemetery near present-day St. Anthony (located on the Herbert Otto farm